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The inflatable can be set up on any level area whether it’s grass, cement or asphalt. The area should be clear of all obstacles including sticks, stones, sharp objects, sprinklers, etc. The unit is also staked down or sand bagged down. If the unit is being set up on cement or asphalt, there is an additional charge per sand bag. (We have to use sand bags to secure the inflatable ride at each anchor point. Most anchor points require at least 50lbs sand bags, some of our bigger rides require 200 lbs at each anchor point.)


Depends on the specific bouncer, please call for specific measurements. No overhead power lines or trees should be present because they may interfere with the unit. They should be located away from pools or waterfronts. Each site will be fully inspected before delivery is completed. If unsure of your location, please call to set up a free inspection.


For the safety of the participants and to insure a quality functional unit our staff is required to deliver and set up each unit.


The unit requires a 110V outlet, preferable separate from other items requiring electricity. The outlet must be located within 100 feet of the unit. A generator is available for rental if needed.

Delivery is FREE for units within a 15 mile radius of our warehouse. Parties outside of this parameter, will be subject to a delivery fee.

We deliver all throughout Bergen County, Essex County, Passaic County, Rockland County.

If it’s raining we can not set up a bounce unit outdoors. If it’s too windy we can not set up a bounce unit outdoors. In this case we will refund any and all deposit money. If weather conditions change after delivery and set-up, there are no refunds.

Please add the desired rental equipment to the cart and then proceed to pay. Once payment has been received you will be all set and you will receive email instructions for the next steps!

The sooner the better. We book up quickly during the summer season.

Payment is due in full upon booking.

Yes! Our units are constructed of commercial industry standard vinyl’s fire retardant. There should be no problems as long as you adhere to the safety and operating instructions.


Yes, Airwalks Entertainment , LLC is fully insured. A copy of the policy can be provided upon request at time of delivery. Municipalities, schools, churches, etc. may contact us in advance for arrangements. For events on public property such as parks, etc., additional insurance may be required and will add $65 to the total rental cost.

You MUST adhere to the safety and operating guidelines. A responsible adult must be present at all times the unit is in use. This person must know the safety and operating procedures and must enforce them at all times. You are responsible for keeping the unit clean and safe from damage.

Yes! For an additional hourly fee we can provide you with an attendant.

No! However if excessive cleaning is needed, a cleaning charge of $50 will be required.

Our staff will take down and pick up the equipment after your event.

All deposits are fully refundable if an event is cancelled due to weather conditions. All other cancellations must be done 7 days prior to event to receive a full refund, otherwise if you need to cancel after 7 days you are welcome to use the deposit towards another booking.

Our prices are for up to 6 hours, we deliver in the morning between the hours of 7:00am & 10:00am and pick up times are between the hours of 5:00pm & 7:00pm. If this is outside of your event time, please let us know!


We are fully trained to handle our inflatable rides. We have taken SIOTO’s basic and advance inflatable safety operations programs. This inflatable safety operation training is also a requirement by the State of New Jersey. 

  1. The ride should not be operated if wind exceeding 15 mph or in rain or lightning conditions.
  2. All riders must remove their shoes.
  3. Riders should be sorted by size. Only riders of the same size should be allowed in the ride at the same time.
  4. Removal of sharp objects including glasses and jewelry is a must.
  5. No food, drink, or gum in the inflatable.
  6. No roughhousing or horseplay while in inflatable.
  7. No Flips.
  8. No climbing on the walls, nets, or roof.
  9. No Silly String in or around the inflatable.
  10. Do not move the inflatable. If the unit shifts during your rental period, have the riders exit the inflatable and push/pull it back into place on the tarp.

Loss of Power:

  1. If the inflatable loses power – exit the unit quickly but calmly – please keep in mind that the roof of the unit has plenty of ventilation and an emergency exit.
  2. Check to make sure the blower hasn’t been turned off or unplugged. Check extension cords as well. It’s likely someone pulled the plug from the outlet or tripped over an extension cord and unplugged it. Turn the blower back on and the unit will quickly re-inflate.
  3. If the unit became unplugged because it moved and pulled the plug from the outlet, your unit is not secured well enough. Check the stakes or sandbags and make sure the kids are not playing too wildly (ie, throwing themselves against the walls.)
  4. If everything is still plugged in and turned on, check your fuse box or breaker box. If the breaker has been tripped, see what else is on that same circuit before turning it back on. The circuit is overloaded. Either unplug other items on the same circuit or plug the inflatable into a different outlet on a different circuit.
  5. If other items still work on that outlet (test it with a hair dryer) then the blower is damaged. If anything unusual happened before the blower stopped working (rain, something spilled on blower, something hit the blower) be sure to let us know so we can determine how to fix the problem.


  1. Do not use the inflatable when raining. Wet vinyl can be very slippery and there is a higher risk for injury.

    In the event of rain, please do the following:

    1. Please turn the power off using the switch located on the blower.
    2. Take the blower indoors.

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